Tips to Capturing Beautiful Wedding Photos

Capture Beautiful Wedding Photos

One of the moments that most people would love to preserve is the events on their wedding day; digital wedding photography is instant, and this is why some people consider the wedding photographer almost as important as the person performing the wedding ceremony. DVD’s have made the wedding day come alive, but still, images always win the day because they capture a ‘moment in time.’

Fortunately for wedding photographers, they can use an assistant to help them get the right shots but if you’re a friend taking pictures, then how do you take good shots of the day? Here are some tips if you find yourself at a friend or relations wedding taking photos with your digital camera.

Most importantly try to ensure you don’t have poor background scenery and that there aren’t too many people in the shot. Portrait images (those that show just head and shoulders) can be very effective especially if the background is hardly in the shot.

Try to get guests that have spectacles on to either remove them or hold their head at an angle so that there isn’t a reflection obscuring their eyes. If you are shooting into the light, remember to compensate and increase the aperture otherwise the couple (or guests) will appear dark in the image.

Candid shots are also dramatic, and these portraits often reveal more than the quality of the picture itself; in fact, many professionals use the zoom to capture intimate and memorable moments. To avoid missing what will probably be great shots, don’t put your camera down because with digital wedding photography you can guarantee the moment you do, something worthwhile will take place.

All your efforts will be wasted if you forget to have fresh batteries or carry enough memory for your digital camera to take every image from the day. A one-gigabyte card should be the bare minimum you have if your camera is a six-megapixel model, a larger capacity if the camera has a higher megapixel rating.

High-resolution images are clearer and have greater color depth, but it also means they can be printed out at larger sizes. Once you have the images, it is only a matter of printing out the ones you want and saving all of them on a CD for permanent storage or presentation.

Light has a temperature. On your camera set to an indoor setting, a photograph taken inside a room will have an orange tone to it if the camera is set to outdoors. If you have a choice of light on your camera choose “Incandescent.”

If you can set this adjustment, you have a good chance of recording a pleasing photograph. However, you will probably have a slow shutter speed, which means that you will need to lean on something stable to minimize camera shake.

A few of things to remember:

  • If you are shooting at a slow shutter speed, anyone that moves will be blurred.
  • If you are shooting in a dark place, your aperture will probably be quite large. Therefore your depth-in-field will be quite shallow.
  • If your camera can shoot in RAW, it is most certainly worthwhile to do so.

Capturing beautiful digital wedding photography shots will depend on how much you enjoy taking pictures and whether or not the couple means anything to you.

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