How to Choose Best Wedding Photographer

Best Wedding Photographer

Weddings are activities that you want to capture every moment. Investing in a good photographer gives you a chance to have lasting memories that you can share with friends and even your children in future. You also get a chance to enjoy the photographs and relive the day. Below are some guidelines to help you in choosing the best photographer to cover your wedding day.

    • Have a theme. Before you rush into choosing a photographer you should be clear on the type of theme you have for your wedding photos. They are various themes you can choose from. Some include; documentary, fine art, portraiture and edgy and bold among others. This is crucial because it will help you focus on a photographer who specializes in your theme. This also gives a systematic approach to your wedding photos other than having different styles incorporated.
  • Conduct research. Choosing a photographer is as important as choosing the wedding venue. That is why you should do research on potential photographer available and review their work. Look at websites, magazines on newlyweds and also in social media and have an idea on what to expect with the theme you have settled on. Look at the feedback from the clients if it applauses their work or they were disappointed. No one wants to end up with bad photographs of their dream wedding! This research will also help you to shortlist a number of photographers.
  • Conduct interviews. After shortlisting, you can conduct small interviews. This means meeting your most preferred photographers in person and interrogating on their work. This also helps you to personally look at the photos and negotiate on a price. You also get a chance to know they are available on your wedding date. Look at their portfolios, do not solemnly rely on the pictures you saw on the websites. It’s your big day you want to receive quality services and nothing less.
  • Look for a photographer whose personality rhymes with yours. You don’t want to work with someone you don’t bond with. When you give them your vision, they should be excited to make it a reality. A person who shares the same vision as yours will deliver better services. They should also ask a lot of questions and be good at listening. They should also be able to give suggestions on how to make your vision better.

If it’s a big company confirm your photographer. They are huge companies that have many professional photographers. When an event comes up depending on its magnitude one or more photographers are allocated the photography duty. It is important for you to know the photographers who are shooting your photos. Two or more shooters are better so as to get photos that are shot from all angles.

  • Settle on a price. As much as you want to have the best photographer, you should also look at the price factor. You still don’t want to go beyond your wedding budget. You should negotiate on a price that works within your budget. Look for a package that works within your wedding plan. Are they only going to cover the wedding or the whole wedding journey even the engagement shots? Are they going to charge overtime if the wedding goes beyond their working hour? You should get all the terms and conditions before signing a contract.
  • Make a contract. You should make a contract whereby you know your rights and have all details of the contract. Agree to the terms and conditions and also how to make the payments.
  • Finally, get the postproduction details. Wedding photos take longer to be produced. It can take up to eight weeks for you to have solid proof of the photos. There is a lot of editing involved to make those wedding photos perfect. Agree on the resolution of photos you would like, the image rights. Also, ask about retouching options and special effects and additional costs involved.

Choosing the right photographer can be a complex yet a simple process. Follow this simple steps and you won’t go wrong in choosing that photographer to cover your big day.


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